Our multi manager fund range is structured to provide professionally managed exposure to South African and global financial markets through a selection of equity, fixed income, property and money market funds. Through proprietary research, combined with specialist investment skills we are able to select and blend funds into appropriate risk profiled choices. Our complete domestic risk profiled range provides clients with the flexibility to select a fund whose benchmark and risk profile match their investment needs.

We have combined appropriate asset classes and the talents of some of the foremost South African and International investment managers to create the Analytics multi-manager fund range. These funds have been designed to target inflation beating returns over time and are crafted to provide managed solutions to meet the diverse investment goals and risk profiles.



Macro Views

Asset Allocation

Manager Research

Portfolio Construction

Portfolio Monitoring







Professional Portfolio Management

Access to a dedicated team of independent investment professionals to create FAIS compliant portfolios and a FAIS compliant investment process.

Specialist Multi-Management Team

With access to a rich pool of internal research, external resources and proprietary tools, Analytics aims to provide exposure to the top South African and international fund management houses. Furthermore, our multi-manager team uses specialist input to actively manage the overall asset allocation to take account of changing market conditions, risks and opportunities.

Investment Flexibility

You may switch between portfolios and risk profiles, as your circumstances change, allowing you to meet your changing personal investment goals.

Capital Gains Tax efficiency

A multi-manager fund or fund of funds is a registered unit trust, therefore no Capital Gains Tax (CGT) is currently levied on capital gains made within the funds. The investment manager is therefore able to manage the investment more tax efficiently, as you will only incur CGT on actual disinvestments.

Analytics Ci Cautious Fund of Funds

Analytics Ci Moderate Fund of Funds

Analytics Ci Balanced Fund of Funds

Analytics Ci Managed Equity Fund

Analytics Ci Worldwide Flexible Fund of Funds

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