5 Reasons for Clients to Stay Invested

Have you or your clients experienced anxiety over the recent market performance?  Did you wish you could quickly calm your clients’ nerves with a few simple graphs to let them know that this too will pass, and staying invested for the long-term is still the most appropriate for their long-term investment plans?  The attached article provides you with 5 reasons to encourage clients to stay invested – visually appealing and simple to understand and explain.

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Daniel Schoeman
Daniel Schoeman is currently CIO of the Analytics multi-manager funds of funds. He has more than 19 years investment and portfolio management experience, and has previously worked at three of the largest multi-managers in South Africa, first at Investment Solutions, then joined Momentum MultiManagers which later merged with MCubed to form Advantage Asset Managers.‍His main responsibilities include economic research, tactical asset allocation, investment manager research, portfolio construction, monitoring and risk management, system development and innovative investment research.‍He is also a member of Investment Committees of some of the largest advisor networks in South Africa, providing investment consulting services to these groups on an on-going basis.